Sunday, October 9, 2011

ANOTHER LMAJ Giveaway...

Between being back into the world of teaching again as well as dealing with those times in life that no one wishes for, I just really haven't been creating too many new beads.  I have some waiting for me today to finish glazing, but those will first be used for my jewelry creations for Belle Armoire Jewelry....  which I am very excited about!  The rest will find their way to my shop.  

Bill has had a wood-fire workshop this weekend and our house has been full of ceramics artists.  This is the second workshop that he has had.  It's a ton of work to get ready for this.... Mostly Bill's, but I helped by cleaning the house.... NOT one of my favorite things to do.  It's fun meeting all of the people that come for this.  Today, there will be dual workshop going on.  Bill and a group will be at the kiln firing all the pieces that they glazed and loaded yesterday and a Mayco glaze representative will be here to discuss glazes, techniques, etc.  I might spend some time listening in on that workshop if I can be my kiln going before she arrives.  

Well.... with that said....  best for me to end this now leaving you with.....  another FABULOUS giveaway at LMAJ....  We seem to have many ;o)

You'll have to head over the our blog to learn a little more if you want to enter this fabulous necklace created by Carol Dekle-Foss from TerraRusticADesign on Etsy.

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