Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you create handmade beads/components?

Do you create handmade jewelry using handmade beads/components?
Are you interested in getting more traffic to your shop?

Then you just might want to stop on over to Love My Art Jewelry and "link-up" for a one day sale promoting jewelry creations and handmade component creations.  If you create your own components and/or jewelry using handmade components, head on over to the blog by clicking HERE

This is a trial run to find out if your link to your shop will work.  If you would like your shop included on the actual day, please link up today so that I can work out any problems that might happen.  Hopefully, it will be smooth sailing.....

Tip:  This works best if your browser is not Internet Explorer.  I have linked up on other blog pages while on Internet Explorer, but other browsers will work out better.

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