Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life and the rough times it might bring...

I've been away awhile due to a family crisis.  While this is still going on, there is a bit of a lull in the hurriedness of getting some closure, so I've had a little time to get back into beads a bit.

I thought I would show you some very cool pictures that Lu from DesignedByLu on Etsy has recently created using my beads.  I always love to see new creations and when life is a bit smoother, I'm pretty good about including those designs on my website Artisan Beads Plus.

To see more from Lu, her Etsy shop it

Here's a few of Lu's recent creations:

The crackle beads above are a bit time consuming to make, but the results are very cool!

The disks were made using a local clay that my adventurous husband
dug up, sifted, add water and Voila!
The ceramic square disks on the earrings were created by ktotten.

I used a new turquoise glaze on the nuggets that go perfectly with Lu's color choices.

And the pendant and matching toggle were created by Mary Harding.

I've been glazing away when I am home and hope to have some new beads by this weekend :O)

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Yolanda M. said...

Such lovely work, but that last piece takes my heart. Here is wishing that the rough times go away soon, hugs.

Azure Accessories said...

Lu showed your beads off perfectly...great pieces!

All the bet to you...