Monday, September 6, 2010

SO....still not sticking to a schedule...

The good thing about going back to teaching tomorrow is that I will have more of a routine.  I tend to just go with whatever direction each day takes me.  It's always productive in some sense, just not always what I had planned.  Today I was going to work on the store that Ben and I will be selling through at Artisan Beads Plus.  I started this website a couple of years ago (probably on a day that I had sometihng else planned!) and now I think I am going to get it up and running again.  I've been using it to display the other fabulous artists who take my beads to a whole different level!  I'm going to keep that, but add a store for some custom beads (I think I said that in my last post) and jewelry. 

It looks like it might actually work as a store this time.  When I tried to sell from it before it was a ^#*&*!(*^%%&###::!!! headache!  I literally had to link every item to paypal and then when something sold, I had to remove it manually.  NOT GOOD!  Now I am assured that when I sell something that there is only 1 of, it will automatically delete.  Time will tell. 

And speaking of time???

Instead of working on the store, I ended up working with a couple of beads that my son  Ben made.  His first group had the holes in the wrong place, but I thought...."That's okay, I will just make it work."  I planned on selling them on Etsy (I sold a few), but then today had the idea that maybe they would make cool rings.  So there you have it.  My first rings.  They only took the entire day! 

I know at this point, you must be asking, "Why did it take the entire day....Something so simple?"

Well...if you were inside my brain, you would know.  I obsess about getting it just right, getting rid of rough edges, making the circle of the ring perfect.  And when you obsess like break LOTS of wire, scratch beads, get blisters on you palms, etc. 

I'm done for today.  I will be glazing beads in 5 minutes.....

...well maybe 15.


Mary Harding said...

Nice rings. I sympathize with your obsessing. It can be such a bear to live with, at times.

Aquariart said...

Hi Mary, Love the rustic look of your beads. The rings are cool, very unique. Thanks for following my blog, I just signed up for yours too!!

Pretty Things said...

I obsess over everything I do, too!

CalliopeCreations said...

It's the 'nature of the beast' I think. Artists don't stay in the box. How can you be creative and lock yourself in to a tight schedule.

Go with the flow. It will get done or not.