Friday, April 9, 2010

What Do a Win, a Field Trip and An Upcoming Give Away Have in Common?

This posting, of course!  I'll try not to be long winded!!  I had two contests that have just recently ended.  One was for the last 180 sales in my shop.  It didn't matter if you purchased 10 items at a time or one.   Each sale counted as an entry.  The winner of this was Kelli Pope....  That beautiful necklace that you see is one that she designed.  I love it and wanted it for myself, but it already went out to a buyer of hers who owns a gift shop?  Right Kelli?  A gift shop or was is a museum?  Either way this woman searched for Kelli on the internet after buying numerous "Kelli Pope" necklaces and a museum that carries Kelli's jewelry.  I HOPE she likes it as much as I DO!!  ;o)  Kellie has some other work on my website.  Check 'er out!  You won't be disappointed!!!!

The second offer I had was free beads to my 1000th customer.  That winner was Shannon from Missficklemedia.  You'll see from her sales that she does a terrific job with forging metals, patinas and ice resin.  These beads are some of my favorites from her shop.  Check it out if you haven't run there already.  My goal is to be like her.....She has almost 6000 sales...Holy Moly!!!!  Her components are very unique and will definitely make a difference in your custom designs!

A Field Trip....well, I'm off the the Museum of Earth in Ithaca today with a bunch of 11 and 12 years olds. That sounds like a blast ;o)   I'm actually looking forward to it.  This year's students have been the best in years.  The past few years, I was making reservations to live on the funny farm since I knew I'm would be heading there SOONER than later.  Phew~  just when you've had enough~some sort of peace comes into your life.  Hey, maybe I'll even get some ideas for beads and pendants while I'm there!

IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR FREE BEADS, please do so on my April 3rd blog.  I'm hoping to have them done by Sunday...Monday at the latest!  Weekend coming!!!!!  YAY!!!


Lorelei Eurto said...

you know, we should get together sometime when I'm on my way down to see my parents... I drive right by Homer and usually get off at the Cortland exit and drive through Ithaca to get home.
Will let you know next time I come down. We could get some coffee or something fun. :)

Artisan Beads Plus said...

That would be awesome! I'm 7 min. from the Cortland....Definitely would LOVE to do that :O)....also lovin' your new designs (just put another on my website :O)

Anonymous said...

WOO HOOO!!!!!!! Thanks MaryAnn for the freebies AND for the post. Yes, this necklace went to a gift shop in Mississippi. The owner was in Louisville, bought some of my pieces from the Ky Museum of Art & Craft and tracked me down to buy for her shop. Very exciting!!! Can't tell you how thrilled I was. AND to put a feather in YOUR cap, she kept ALL of the pieces I sent using MACarroll beads!!!!!!
And congrats to MissFickle!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your findings. Think some of yours were included in that Mississippi buy too!!! Kelli

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Grrr canna spell lol.
Nice necklace!! Love it! A feild trip thats lovely. It might spur someone into pottery..planting a seed. Thats great. Your beads are wonderful Mary! Missfickle yea her things are pretty awesome too!