Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Life Outside of Teaching and Bead Making

Here's a picture of our beautiful granddaughter Lacey. Last weekend she spotted the 2 mounted fish in the laundry room. This fit right in with her current obsession with Nemo. She was estatic!! Her eyes got wide and she exclaimed with shear excitement, "Nonnie, it's NEMO!" She is absolutely precious.

I thought I'd also throw in my latest version of ceramic coin beads. I like the way these came out so I think I'll make some more :O)


Lorelei said...

you are not old enough to have a Granddaughter!??!

Mary Ann Carroll said...

Hey....Thanks Lorelei!

It's a pretty significant birthday year this year so I'm definitely old enough ;o)

Lorelei said...

well, she is adorable!! and you look SO SO young! Foxy lady!