Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Idea Machine

I'm always looking for ideas to make something new and different.  I, myself, get bored pretty easily so I'm  not one to make the same designs over again unless they are designs that get great responses or it's a custom order.  In those cases, I find some challenge to that.  Otherwise, I look at objects/shapes, etc. when I'm driving to and from work, browsing through magazines, or sometimes new ideas bounce off of old ones when I look at my collection of pictures.  This morning I woke up to this tile created at the kitchen table.  I was like, "Wow, I wonder how something like that would look as a bead?"  He found a hundred or so old stampes last week and he used them to create this tile.  This will be very cool in the woodfire that will be coming up soon.  (blog: Another great thing about my love of creating beads is that I have a husband who loves to create with clay too.  When my jewelry making and bead buying was getting so obsessive a few years ago, I wanted something different.  I live by a bead store (which is where it all began) and I always wandered over to the ceramic section to end up disappointed with the little bit that was there.  One thing led to another and Bill brought home this teenie, tiny, ancient kiln from work (he's a middle school art teacher) and my first experience began.  It was actually his first experience because he made some beads and a little bead tree for me.  Here it is, a couple two/three years later and I actually am doing this as a part time work and I love it!  Go figure! 

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