Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I just got home from work and need some down time before I tell my brain that I have to go and exercise before plopping my behind in front of a computer or clay.  So here I sit...hmmmmm.....what's on my mind?  I know, the same thing that was on my mind when I was in elementary school...Harold!
Me, Grade 1:  "I hope that no one wants to sign out Harold and the Purple Crayon this week so I can renew it."  Most weeks it wasn't a problem.  There was that occasional time that I had to surrender it to the Librarian who encouraged me to check out some of Harold's sequels.  I did, but they just weren't the same.  So.....where the heck are you going with this you might be asking...  In case you are, here is my connection to that same Harold that was around 44 years ago at Parkhill Elementary School.  Thanks to facebook, I've been able to connect with many terrific people.  One of those people is a woman named Joy Argento.  We went to high school together but really didn't know each other, except by face.  Anyhow, Joy was posting these awesome paintings that she does and I was amazed.  Why didn't I know that she was this talented?  Maybe because it wasn't advertised enough or more likely because my focus was mostly on where the next party was going to be.  With all that said and with the clock ticking reminding me that if I put off exercise too long I won't do it, I want to give a BIG HUGE KUDOS to Joy.  She has a awesome website and blog!......and oh yeah....the reason I wrote this to begin with, she painted the painting that you see.  It's quite remarkable.  It actually looks JUST like the page that I picked out for her to paint, with that artistic touch, of course.  I chose this one because I connected with it the most.  Harold makes an awesome tree, gives it some apples and then wonders what else he can do to make it even more creative.  Yup.....that's how I'm always thinking to this day.  It's crazy sometimes, but I'm always thinking...."How can I do more and where am I going with this one?  I love seeing my beads when they come out of the kiln, but shortly after, I'm thinking about what I can do next?  Some people might think that as a little too exhausting, but that's what makes me content.   Check out ArtByJoy creations....or her blog....You WON'T be disappointed!! 

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